Friends of Ambassador

All Ambassador Education schools thrive on feedback and support from parents. In order to formalise the association, the Parent and the members of the school meet as per a pre-scheduled calendar.

Our Mission

To work together with the School Leadership to help create a conducive learning environment for our children.

Our Goals

Our primary goals is to act as a bridge between the parent community and School Management to:

  • Discuss proposals that would lead to enhanced learning for the entire student community
  • Provide suggestions to further improve school administration, infrastructure, academics and other activities; provide constructive feedback on existing processes and new initiatives taken by the school
  • Interact and support new parents and help them and their children in the school community
  • Assist in fostering a collaborative approach between parents and the school towards developing all-round education for children e.g. conducting events and activities through pro-active involvement of parents.


Our other goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborative participation in the organisation of relevant school events, wherever appropriate
  • Organise workshops or other events to enhance student learning and awareness of social issues, careers etc
  • Maintain a database of parent volunteers willing to contribute time and effort for school / PTA events and activities
  • Organise fundraising activities involving the school to support social causes
  • Organise free activities on a regular basis (like language or computer courses) for social empowerment of underprivileged people.
  • Support school in organising internships, excursions, field trips, privileged visits etc
  • Be ambassadors of the school and take initiative in upholding the dignity of the school members and the Management at all times.
  • Assist in the management of the parents’ issues, indiscipline of the parents to be managed with timely interventions by the concerned class representative/s.
  • Provide support to the school as and when required.


Parents will be further educated on the role of the PSG members on the Orientation days. Please do attend in order to sign-up to be a member of the PTA.

Parents' Communication

Our parents are our partners in providing the best education for our students. Communication is a vital ingredient in any successful organisation and the Sharjah Ambassador School aims to communicate frequently and clearly about the progress its making in all areas.

For two-way communication, the parents may use their login IDs and communicate via the Orison portal. The school assures a timely response to the emails with subsequent follow up to attend to any matter at hand.

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