Parent Testimonial

Parent Testimonials

I would like to laud Ambassador for heeding to the request of parents and appointing teaching assistants for Grade 1 By doing so ..

* the small nitty-gritty's can be taken care of by the TA which enables the main teacher to focus on the performance and development of the child.

* Additional help during class and break-time can prevent minor accidents / incidents which a child is prone to.

* Since the work load is shared, the teacher is in a better frame of mind and the positivity is truly infectious. My son Sidh is more happy to go to school.

* By providing the TA, the Management has proved that it would go the extra mile if it is for the betterment of the children.



Vanitha Santosh(Parent)

Director Instep Floors


I appreciate Ambassador School for the following changes:

  • Handover of kids only to the authorized person only - a very good step for the security: Child safety is the prime concern for all of us as parents when it comes to school. ASD initiative to issue an identity card with 3 parents/guardian photographs has helped us and it is a very good step taken by the school.

    If this step is continued by school, then it will help us as parents to have greater confidence in the school in the long run in terms of child safety.

  • D6 Communicator: D6 is a good application which helps us compare ASD with other schools. It is hassle-free and user friendly app and has good review from many parents.

  • Transparent & approachable Management: PSG is a great initiative which opens up lines of communication between parents and the school. This shows the transparent and approachable attitude of the Management. All PSG minutes are now shared with parents which helps us get acquainted with future plans of the school.

  • Motivating & giving recognition to kids in different ways: ASD’s initiative of “Star of the Week" has motivated children to give their best. Both parents and children feel recognized as the child is awarded certificate in front of the entire school on the assembly stage. Also as a parent, I feel that healthy competition brings out the best in every child. Bridge Classes for the weak:The recent concept of Bridge Classes will go a long way in helping weak students do better. It also helps the parent not to rely on tuition/coaching classes outside the school. Not all schools provide such facility at no extra charge.


Poonam Barfiwala



Taking this opportunity to let you know that we truly appreciate and are impressed with the School's efforts to appoint Teaching Assistants in all the Grade 1 classes. Its just a feather in the Hat!!

We are happy about this as we are sure that the Teaching Assistants will be beneficial and help the children to get the most out of their learning and assist those who need extra support to complete their tasks! It will also prove to be a support to the Class Teachers in their paper work after School duties!!!

We are satisfyingly convinced that this step of the School to appoint TA's will be positive and the Class Teachers and TA's together will contribute a great deal for the overall development of the children and achieve the Objectives and Goals!!!


Thank You


Payal Sarkar



We are really happy and proud to share the information about the event held yesterday at Jumeira lake towers where students from many schools participated in an exhibition entitled ' Treasure from Trash'.

Our children Viswesh- Grade-7 A and Varshini - Grade -4 C had participated in this event. There is an article on the ' The National Newspaper ' --link below

Having been in this school for 4 years now, we have always been happy with the great contribution by some dedicated teachers especially Ms. Mangala who ensures that the concepts of Physics are explained to the children, in a simple and practical way. Without any prompting for the interview, Viswesh's happy observation about the Ambassador School showed up with his following words (excerpt from the article).

"Viswesh Seshan, a Grade 7 pupil from the Ambassador School, agreed learning in Indian schools had to go beyond textbooks. ‘Our system is competition driven’, he said. We wanted to show that schools can use different methods and teaching aids to make concepts interesting. ‘Science shouldn’t be rote learnt,’ said Viswesh, who had stuck drinking straws together using tape to show how waves were

created. ‘Some people understand better when they listen, while some like to see. My school uses different methods. One size doesn’t fit all and all schools have to explore different methods’, said the pupil, who had also made a solar oven model. "

Once again we truly appreciate the dedicated contribution by some of the talented teachers of Ambassador, who play a role model, for others to follow. 

No Aptitude problem at ASD! IU Team preps future leaders!


Keep up the great

work Ambassador!

Thanks and Regards,

Parents of Viswesh & Varshini

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