Admissions Policy

Please ensure that you read and understand our Admission Policy prior to submitting your application to the school.

  • Please complete the Online Admission Application form ensuring that all the fields are completed accurately.
  • In consultation with the admissions department, an interactive session will be scheduled between your child and an Ambassador School teacher.
  • Following the interactive session, the Admissions Department will contact you with an offer of admission for your child. On receiving the offer, you may secure your child’s admission by paying the relevant fees and submitting the necessary documents (as given below) within 10 working days.

The documents required at the time of admission are:

1. Five recent Passport size photographs of the child with white background.
2. Copy of the child’s birth certificate. (Attested)
3. Transfer Certificate (Attested)
4. Passport copy of the child with valid visa stamp page.
5. Copy of the child’s Emirates ID.
6. Copy of Vaccination Record.

Your application will be processed only after the above documentation has been received.

Due to few seats being available in Ambassador School, we request you to bring the relevant documents and fees, as soon as the interaction is completed. Breakup of the fee structure is available on the school’s website.

For any further query please write to

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