Continuous Professional Development

The ever-changing trends in education are imparted in Ambassador School through a strong CPD programme.

ASD has a structured approach to learning to help ensure competence to practice, taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience.

Some of the routine CPD sessions include;

Assessments - The staff were trained to understand how student assessment plays a vital role in gauging the start points of students and how they have progressed in their academic session.

Behaviour Policy - A comprehensive document that has assisted all ASD staff to further understand how to deal with behaviour issues. A step-by-step procedure leading to consequences that are commensurate with the offences are well expounded. Cyber-bullying and classroom bullying are important sub-topics of this session.

Child Protection Policy - Staff were made well aware of the universal policy relating to children and how to deal with situations appropriately in cases of students needing protection.

Curriculum Trak Training - This software enables ASD parents to check on what part of the curriculum is in the process of being delivered. They can also check on the skills that will be sharpened during every interaction.

Talk for Learning - Speaking appropriately to students while interacting in a classroom set up is what this CPD was about. Staff members greatly benefitted with the tips and suggestions shared in this session.

Questioning Skills - The most precious skill a teacher can possess was touched on in this CPD. Students know it all, the teacher needs to question correctly to elicit the desired response. This fact was reiterated in the session.

SWIFT - Another online tool that assists ASD with its Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) was introduced in this session. The SEF is an accumulation and structured presentation of every single activity that goes on in the development and progress of a school.

Understanding Data - The pivot of assessment and progress is to understand and interpret what data can tell us. This CPD was especially focussing on the progress of the students and the evaluation of the staff’s approach to setting targets and achieving the high standards set by the ASD Team.

Experiential Learning - One of the many ways in which students learn was explored in this CPD. Creating the right environment for learning through experiences was the agenda of this session. Creating the learning environment as per the students’ needs is a key aspect of the ASD teaching fraternity.

10 Point Progress / Classroom Talk - Monitoring student progress and therefore the school progress was the agenda for this CPD. Effective ways of planning for Classroom Talk were also shared with the staff.

IST (Individual Student Tracking) - Has every student understood what the teacher set out to teach? This question was answered in this CPD which gave a clear idea to staff that every student’s understanding is important to us. Through the IST, we can decide which children need additional help in certain areas.

Communication with Parents - Effective communication is a 21st Century skill which was polished in this CPD. Staff were trained in the expectations of the Management while communicating with ASD parents with swiftness, accuracy and politeness.

DSIB School Inspection Guide - The annual DSIB inspection procedures and requirements were shared in this CPD which gave the school a clear insight into what goes into the making of a good school.

All CPDs are planned as per the need arising out of school interactions in various departments and so the planning for CPDs is ongoing and dynamic. Either in-house experts or outsourced agencies are involved in the CPD programme at Ambassador School.

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