Assessment & Evaluation

Ambassador School aims to provide all-round development of the personality of every child. Therefore, the learning experiences provided in our school contribute towards the achievement of the desired goals.

We follow a Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process which is a balanced assessment system, both Summative and Formative Assessments form an integral part of information gathering. The CCE process aims to help in improving student’s performance. The process helps identify the students learning difficulties at regular intervals, right from the beginning of the academic session, diagnoses the learning gaps if any in students, uses corrective/ remedial measures to enhance learning performance and re-test and collates feedback evidence to teachers and students for self-evaluation.

Click here to view the Ambassador School Assessment Policy 2015-16

Some of the assessment and evaluation based programmes conducted by the school are:

AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH - ACER’s International Benchmark Tests (IBT): This is an internationally administered program of assessments in English, Mathematics and Science which benchmarks student performance against a broad, international cohort of students and to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), in which more than 50 countries participate.

The IBT is one of many high-quality educational assessments developed by ACER’s experienced team. It provides high quality feedback for teachers and students and allows them to compare their performance reliably with students from their own school, country and other countries around the world.

The ASSET Test is a tool to evaluate how well the students have comprehended a concept and apply it. This test will be conducted in the month of February to test the skills acquired since the start of school in April each year.

Click here to view Sample Asset Student Report.

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