The Ambassador School Governing Council is a pro-active team of the Owners, the Parent, Student and Teacher Representatives which meets every month to review the implementation and effectiveness of decisions made, and to discuss a variety of ways in which the school can progress. Developments are planned in close consultation with the parents' and stakeholders' inputs.

The Governing Council has a clear understanding of all the forces and factors which contribute towards the progress of the school in all aspects and efficiently guides the Senior Leadership Team to move the school forward.

Our dynamic Council Members comprise of:

  • Mr. Hukumat Kalwani - Chairman, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Mr. Kamal Kalwani - Vice Chairman, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Mr. Guruswami Kalloor - CEO, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Mrs. Sheela Menon - Principal, Ambassador School L.L.C and Council Secretary for CISCE
  • Mrs. Rashmi Nagendra - Principal, Ambassador Kindergarten School Dubai
  • Mrs. Archana Sagar - Principal, Ambassador School, Sharjah
  • Mr. Shreepad Deshmukh - Project Head, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Mr. Subash Epaarachchi - Finance Manager, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Mr. Kapil Chaudhary - Vice Principal, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Ms. Sreevidya Harikrishnan- Head of Primary, Ambassador School L.L.C
  • Mrs. Ajitha Kishore - Assessment Head
  • Mrs Zahra Khumri-  Governor for Inclusive Education
  • Mrs Sudha Ravi - Parent Representative
  • Mrs Jigna Gohil - Parent Representative
  • Mrs Meera Sheth - Parent Representative
  • Mrs Gloria Nixon - Parent Representative

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